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In the "Profile" menu, please select the values corresponding to your religious profile.

Religious Organisation : In the Islamic world, a certain number of religious organizations propose differents calculation methods for the prayers schedule determination, mostly for the "Fajr" and "Isha" prayers.
The main organizations are:

  • Umm Ul Qurâ University of Mekka (UQM)for the Arabian peninsula
  • University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi (UISK) for Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan as well as some european countries
  • The World Islamic Leaguefor Europe, Far East and parts of the United States of America
  • Egyptian General Organization of Surveying (EGOS) for Africa, Syria, Lebanon, Malaysia as well as some other parts of the USA
  • The Islamic Society of North America for certain parts of the USA and UK as well as Canada

Juristic method : various Islamic juristic schools or «Fiqh» coexist and attempt to provide to the Islamic community a theologic interpretation of the sources of Islam, having an influence on the prayer time of the "Asr" prayer.

These settings are mandatory for a precise calculation of the prayer time on your mobile : please refer to the "Calculation method" chapter.

In Europe the organization is "World islamic league" and the juristic method is "Shafi" in most cases. Ask for details at your usual mosque if you need confirmation.

screen for profile selection of the prayer times application on mobile phone
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