prayer hours and qibla direction provided on a mobile phone

I asked for a download but never received the SMS as you state on your web site.

You may be mispelled your phone number (we have no mean to check it is valid !). Fill in the download form again and try another time. If you still do not receive the SMS please fill in a contact form.

I do have a data option in my subscription (GPRS or WAP) but the download does not work.

Check your settings for GPRS or WAP. First try to browse the internet from your mobile phone. If it does not work, just contact your Customer Care to check that "yes" you have a data bundle in your contract and ask them to send you the correct settings for your phone. They will send you an SMS with automatic settings. You can as well visit your operator web site or the web site of your mobile phone manufacturer to ask for settings download (it's free of charge!).

Note: is is not enough to have an MMS option in your contract, you must have a real data connectivity often called GPRS or WAP or both.

If I search for location coordinates, the phone asks me if I "authorize the connection". Should I accept?

Yes you have to agree to connect to the mobile network operator network in order to query our locations database. You will be charge for a data communication.

Even if I authorize the communication the location lookup does not work.

Some handsets manufacturers do not respect Java standards and prevent any Java application (like Mobile Muezzin) to make any data connection. In that case you will have to entre manually the coordinates of the location. If this problem occurs, please send us a contact form with your handset model and brand. so we can let the community know about it.

How do I know if Mobile Muezzin will work on my mobile?

If you can run Java Games or applications on your phone (often located in a folder named "My documents") then there is no obvious reason why you could not run Mobile Muezzin on your phone. In any case, do not hesitate to download it and try!

Can I upload Mobile Muezzin from my PC thru Infra-Red or bluetooth connection?

No it is not possible to download Mobile Muezzin that way.

The current hour displayed by Mobile Muezzin is not correct.

Check that your Time settings are correct. Even if your phone displays the correct time it might be that your Timezone and your daylight saving settings are not correct. If the problem persists after correction, please send us a contact form.

Mobile Muezzin has freezed and I cannot quit the application.

In that case it is absolutely safe to just swith off and on your mobile phone. There will be no damage on your mobile and you will be able to use it again. Please send us a form and try to describe what happened exactly.

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