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  • Settings
The settings of your exact location is mandatory in the calculation of the prayer times. In the menu "Location" of Mobile Muezzin, enter your exact location:

either by entering  manually the coordinates of the location you live in  (longitude, latitude, altitude and time shift)
either by searching in our database the nearest place from your location. Our database contains more than 5 millions locations worldwide. In order to find your location, please use "Search" menu in the "Location" screen.

Warning: our database does not contain the altitudes for the locations: you will have to set them up manually in any case. As well, please check the value of the time shift proposed for your location to check it is correct because some countries having multiple time shifts.

The commands for the Location are the following:
  • Ok: validates the location coordinates you have entered and register them in your bookmarks.
  • Bookmarks: allows you to retrieve coordinates for locations you have previously saved.
  • Search: starts the search of a location in our databases.

screen for location selection (country and city selection) of the prayer times application on mobile phone
Searching coordinates of a location in our database is a two steps procedure : search first for the country and then for the city.

Enter the full name of the country or just the starting letters. (ex: "fr") . A list of corresponding countries will be displayed, please choose the country and then press "Ok". Repeat the same operations for the city.

Note: the search of a country does not require any mobile network access, but it is required for the search of a city.
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