prayer hours and qibla direction provided on a mobile phone

To the users of our web site or to the ones willing to use Mobile Muezzin.

The authors of this site declare acting free of any economic, politic, communautarist or proselytist influence, in compliance with the Islamic principles.

The proposed services aim only at facilitating the daily life practices of the Muslim by using the current technologies answering effective needs.

The authors commit to distribute 5% of the sponsoring incomes to humanitarian funds to provide a contribution third world and human development.

The information linked to the mentioned services is and will remain confidential, and are therefore not transmittable or used by third parties.

The authors commit as well to deploy all needed means to secure access to this information against potential threats from badly intentioned third parties.

The web masters of this site commit to never communicate the informations e.g. their mobile phone number to external parties.

The potential advertising campaigns asked by our sponsors targetting Mobile Muezzin users will never be outsourced.

Except the mobile phone number of our users, we do not record any other data.

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