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User Guide

  • Installation
To download mobile Muezzin, enter your mobile phone number on the website Mobile Muezzin, in the Download form. You will then get an SMS with a link on the application. Click on that link to download the prayer times software.

Mobile Muezzin is a Java application that can be easily installed on all mobile phones that are compliant Java, allowing jar files of more than 50 Ko with at least 80Ko of available memory space.

Mobile phones being multiple and evolving very quickly, it is impossible for us to provide a guide per type of mobile phone. That is why we provide you the ability to download a trial version to get fully satisfied. However, we developed the application by using the menus, selection buttons and any other navigation mean provided by your mobile phone manufacturer. Thus, do not forget to refer to mobile phone user guide if needed.

It is mandatory to have a WAP connexion enabled on your mobile phone as it is the only way to download Mobile Muezzin. The WAP connexion is also needed to request geographical coordinates of a new city to our database. You can even bookmark those parameters on your device and thus, avoid useless and costly communication expenditures, each time you travel to that destination.

The correct WAP configuration depends on your Mobile operator. Please liaise with it in case of wrong configuration. 
download screen of the prayer times application on mobile phone
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