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Prayer times on your mobile phone

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Mobile Muezzin displays on the screen the prayer to do at the time you should do it. This works exactly like an alarm clock at prayer time. You can choose to be alerted with a sound (with a snooze function or not) or with a silent mode.

Warning: in order to make the alarm work well:
  • the Mobile Muezzin application must be switched on: only the recent mobile phones allow you to let a Java application to run in background mode. Mobile Muezzin does not create events in your mobile agenda or calendar, so it must be switched on to generate the prayer call alarm. Check your mobile's user manual for more information.
  • the date and time on your mobile must be correctly set up. Please check that you have correctly set up the Time shift and the daylight saving.

when you have selected a location (refer  to the "location" chapter), the time shift has been updated. Please make sure that this value is the same than the one registered on your mobile if you want to use the prayer's time alert feature.
screen for alarm settings of the prayer times application on mobile phone
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